Procedure: the Laird of Keir heard

The Laird of Keir, being callit in presence of the parliament, declaired that ever since the begining he had hartilie joyned in the good cause and had never suerved from the straight way of advanceing the same, and if any suspicione be now aganes him he hopis to purge himselfe therof, and in the meanetyme desyris the estates to suspend any prejudiciall opinion of him till he be tryed, and craved that when sommondis shall be givine againes him libertie may be granted to him to meit with the Erle of Montroise and Lord Naper that they may advyse upon there commone defence.

The estates declaires they will proceed legally according to justice and when, eftir citatioun, any supplicatione shall be exhibited, the same shall receive ansuer.

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