Procedure: commission to the Earl of Wemyss

The quhilk day Sir Thomas Hope, his hienes advocat, exhibite ane commissione superscryved be his majestie to the Erle of Weymes to sit as his hienes commissionar in the assemblie to be holdine at Sanct Androis, 20 day of Julii instant, or in any other place to the quhilk the samene shall be translated heireftir.

And in respect of the absence of the director of the chancellarie desyrit command to be givine to Maister Robert Scot, his servand, to wret the foirsaid commissione to the great seale and subscryve the samene in absens of his maister, and to ordeane the keepers of the great seale to append the samene to the gifte sua writtine and subscryved.

Quhilke desyre, in respect of the necessitie and straitnes of tyme, the estates findis ressonable, and therfor appoyntes Maister Robert Scot to wret and subscryve the commissioun and the keeper of the great seale to append the samene therto; quhairanent these shall be ane sufficient warrand to the said Maister Robert and to the keeper of the great seale.

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