Procedure: continuation of parliament
Act anent the continuation of the parliament to the tuenty fyfte day of Maii 1641 yeires, with continuation of dayes

The estates of parliament, presentlie conveened by his majesties speciall authoritie, continowes this present parliament and all sommondis and actiones intendit or depending, with all supplicationes, griveances and other materis belonging to the foirsaid parliament, to the tuentie fyfte day of Maii nixtocome, with continowatione of dayes; and that for satisfactione of his majesties gratious desyre signified by his majesties letter directed to the estates to that effect, beiring date 23 Merch 1641, and also for sundrie grave and weightie considerationes conserneing the weell of the estate, kirke and kingdome knowne be the estates, at the which tuentie fyfte day of Maii nixtocome ordeanes the whole estates to be present and to attend at Edinburghe or wher it shall happine the same to be holdin for the tyme, but prejudice allwayes of the power granted to the committies of estat conteined in the act of this present parliament made theranent, dated the ellevinth day of June last, and mentionat in the tua last actis of continuatione therof, the one beiring dait the nynteene of November 1640 and the other the 14 of Januarii last bypast 1641. And in the meane tyme the estates declaires the said parliament to be current to the effect abowe writtine wnto the day foirsaid, with continuatione of dayes, and ordeanes the whole actes and statutis made and concludit in plaine parliament in that sessione therof in June lastbypast, togither with all former actis of continowatione mad by the said estates, to stand and have the force and strenth of lawes and actes, conforme to the tennouris therof, suchlyke as any actis or statutes of any preceiding parliamentis in onytymebygone, and namlie (but prejudice of the generalitie foirsaid) the act of the committie of estates to stand in full force in all the clauss therof ay and while it be dischairged by the estates, and ordeanes the foirsaidis actis, with the act of electione of Robert, lord Burghlie to be preses at this meeting of estates, togither with this present act of continowatione, to be published and prented conforme to the last act of continowatione of the dait foirsaid, notwithstanding of this present continuatioune of the parliament, to the day abonewrittin.

The continuatione of the parliament to the day foirsaid was intimat be ane maisser of parliament to the whole estates and all otheris, his majesties leiges, quherwpoun the said Robert, lord Burghlie, president of the parliament, in name of the estatis, asked instrumentis.

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