Procedure: continuation of the parliament
Act 2
Act anent the continouation of the parliament to the 14 Januarii 1641 yeires, with continouation of dayes

The estates of parliament, presentlie conveened by his majesties speciall authoritie, yit as of befor continowes this present parliament and all sommondis or actiones intendit or depending, with all other materis belonging to the said parliament, to the fourteenth day of Januarii nixt to come, with continowatione of dayes, at the which day, or soner as the committee of estates and quorums therof both in the cuntrie and at the armie shall appoynt, ordeanes the whole estates to be present and to attend at Edinburghe or wher it shall happen the same to be appoynted to be holdine for the tyme. And in the mean tyme declaires the same parliament to be current to the day foirsaid, and ordeanes the whole actes and statutes mad and concludit in plaine parliament in the last sessione therof in June lastbypast to stand and have the force of lawes and actis, conforme to the tennour therof, suchlyke as any actis and statutes of any preceeding parliamentis in ony tyme bygone, and namlie (but prejudice of the generality foirsaid) the act of the committee of the estates, to stand in full force ay and whill it be dischairged by the estates, and ordeanes the foirsaid actis, with the act of electioun of the said Robert, lord Burghlie to be preses at this meeting of estates, togither with this present act of continowatione, to be published and prented conforme to the last act of continouatione, beering dait the ellevinth of June last, notwithstanding of this present continowatione of the parliament to the day abonewrittin. Quherwpoun the said Robert, lord Burghlie, preses, in name of the whole estates, asked instrumentis.

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