Procedure: protest
Act 58
Protestation for Williame Dicke, proveist of Edinburghe, anent the custome of ammunition

The whilke day compeered personallie in presence of the estates of parliament Williame Dicke, proveist of Edinburghe, and produceit the paper and protestatione, quhairof the tennour falloues: My lord proveist takis instrumentis upoun the reiding, voyceing and alloweing of the act of parliament anent the freithing of ammunitione fra payment of custome, and that the samene is expreslie extendit to all ammunitioun brought in since the yeir of God 1637; and in respect he hes payit to my lord thesaurer the haill take duetie of the customes for the yeires of God 1638 and jM vjC threttie nyne, therfor hee protestis that hee may have restitutione of so much of the first and reddiest of his majesties rentis and customes payable be him and the collectouris therof to my lord thesaurer as will extend to the restis of the customes of ammunition brought in the saidis tuo yeires and wherof the protester hes not gottine payment from the merchandis and otheris imbringeres of ammunitioun the saidis tuo yeires bygane. Quhilke paper, conteyneing the instrument and protestatione abonewrittin, produced in maner foirsaid, wes publictlie red, voyced and admitted in parliament be the estates foirsaides.

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