Judicial proceeding: issuing of summons of treason
Act 41
Ordeaning sommondis to be direct and execute against the persones who are culpable of the crymes and faultes conteaned in the act, to compeir befor the nixt sessioun of parliament

The estates of parliament, conveened by his majesties speciall authoritie, considering the present strait and exigency menceing the ruine of this kingdome and how necessary it is for preventing therof that these who have beene the authoris or are the menteaneris and assisteris of these courses that are distructive to the liberties of this kirke and kingdome, and that aither by there false suggestiones and calumnious relationes of the estates of this kingdome and ther proceidingis to his majestie, or by there comeing in armes against this ther mother cuntrie and contributing to further our adversaries in there intendit and professed plottis and violences for the subdueing and distroying this kingdome, or by ther rysing in armes within the contrie, fortifieing and keeping of castellis and houss againest the estates, who defend the cuntrie againest all forrane invasiones and subjection, or by deserting their native cuntrie in such ane extreeme necessitie and withdraweing from them all the assistance they can, that all these and other in the lyke conditione be distinguished and censured according to the severall degrees of thair transgressioun againest the state and kingdome; therfore they grant full power and warrand to the committie which is to sit at Edinburgh for to direct in there name preceptis to the lyon king of armes and his bretheren herauldis and messingeris to pas, warne and chairge in name of the saidis estates the persones wnderwrittin and otheris whom the said committie, upon lyke probable groundis, can suspect to have beene the leising makeris and tellers and false accuseris of the states of this kingdome and ther proceedingis to the kingis majestie as seditious, rebellious and trasonable, to have beene the instigatouris, frameris and wpdraweris of the strange proclamationes and declarationes made aganest his majesties subjectis and estates, as rebellis and tratoures, or to have risine or ryse in armes and concurre with the adversaries for subdueing of this ther native cuntrie, or to fortifie, keepe or deteane strenthes or castles againest the estates of this kingdome who stand to ther covenant for defence of their religion, croune and cuntrie, or wittinglie and willinglie to withdraw ther assistance from ther mother cuntrie in this extremitie and contribut ther help and countenance to the adversaries, and all otheris who are ether authoris, abaiteris, menteiners or supplieris or airt and pairt, or have any hand in countenancing and concurring with our adversaries to the subdueing and distroying of this kingdome, and especially these that have seemed to joyne with ws and have subseryveit the covenant, for to compeire personallie one [...] at Edinburghe befor the parliament at the nixt sessioune therof, to ansuer wnto these and all other crymes of that kynd which may be laid to there chairge and that wnder the paine of treasone and forfaultrie for ther contumacy incaise of not compeirance. Lykeas the estates declaires that these proceptis, being subscryved by the preses and quorum of the committie foirsaid, shall be alse sufficient as if they ware subscryed in parliament.

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