Procedure: answer to the supplication and act of privy council
The act of his majesties most honourable privie counsell, at Edinburghe, August 30 anno 1639, conteening the ansuere of the supplicatione above writtin

The which day, in presence of the lord commissioner and lordis of privie counsell, compeired personally Johne, erle of Rothes, James, erle of Montrose, Johne, lord Loudoun, Sir George Stirveling of Keir, knycht, Sir Williame Douglas of Caverse, knycht, Sir Hendrie Wood of Bonytoun, knycht, Johne Smyth, burgess of Edinburghe, Maister Robert Barclay, proveist of Irving, Maister Alexander Hendersone, minister at Edinburghe, and Maister Archbald Johnestone, clerke to the generall assembly, and in the name of the present siting generall assembly gave in to the lord commissioner and lordis of privie counsell the petitione abovewrittin, which being red, hard and considerit be the saidis lordis, they have ordenit and ordeanes the same to be insert and registrat in the bookis of privie counsell, and according to the desyre thairof ordeanes the said confessione and covenant to be subscrybit in tymecomeing by all his majesties subjectis of this kingdome of what rank and quality soever.

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