Committee Members: committee for furnishing means of all sorts of provisions

The quhilk day the estatis nominatis the Erle of Louthiane, Lordis Lindesay, Burghlie and Loure, the lairdis Caverse, Weddirburne, Houstoun, Frieland, Ethernie, and the commissioneris of Pearth, Glasgow, Aberdene, Montrose and Haddingtoune as ane committie, to meit with the generall the morne at sevine houris, with Maister Alexander Gibsone and Maister Adame Hepburne, for furnishing meanes of all sortis of provisione and giveing orderis to the generall commisser, and apoyntes the lord generall to be president of the committie and to report to the parliament.

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