Procedure: election of Robert Balfour, lord Balfour of Burleigh as president of the parliament

The quhilke day, after divyne service, the haill bodie of the estats now conveind in parliament, by his majesties speciall indictione and authoritie, did unanimouslie elect and choose Robert, lord Burghlie to be precident of this meiting of estatis in parliament. And thaireftir the said president and whole bodie of estatis foirsaidis reteired to the innerhous from the great parliament house quhair, eftir debaiting, it was appoynted that it should be publictlie intimat in the utter parliament house and at the dooris thairof that if thair was any persone haveing warrand from his majesties commissioner, or any other persone pretending voyce or seance in parliament who had any thing to represent thairto, that they should presentlie appeir befoir this heigh court of parliament now conveind, quhilke accordinglie was executed be ane clerke and ane maisser.

Falloues the actis and other materes past and done in this session of parliament, beginand the second day of Junii 1640 and ending the ellevinth day of the samene moneth of Junii.

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