4 October 1639

[Act discharging the exportation of goat hides]

Act discharging the exportatioune of buck and gait skinnes

Oure soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the estaitis of this present parliament, considdering that his majesties umquhile father of happie memorie, in his tuelff parliament holdin in Junii 1592, with advyse of the estaittis, inhibitt and dischargit all merchands, traffikers and others quhatsumever of all transporting and carieing forth of this realme of calff skynnes, huddron and kid skynnes, packing and peilling thairof, under the paine of confiscatioune thairof; as also be ane wther act maid in Julii 1593, quhairin the said formar act is ratified, wnderstanding how proffitabill the schoirling skynnes ar for the particular wse of his majesties leidges, the samyn ar also prohibit to be transportit under the lyke paine of confiscatioune and wther paines mentionat in the said act. And now his majestie and estaitts of this present parliament, wnderstanding how proffitabill and necessarie the buck and gaitt skynnes within this realme for the wse of buittis and schewes and wthers diverse necessar wses and how the transporting and careing of the samyn forth of this realme hes maid ane exorbitant dearth of marikin lether that nather the schoemakers, marikinmakeris nor dressers of the saide buck and gaitt skynnes can have quhairwith to work, nor his majesties leidges cannot be servit except upoun great and extraordinar pryces, quhairby all his majesties leidges ar greatlie hurt and prejudgit; and speciallie considdering that the transporting and taiking away of the saids buck and gaitt skynnes hes bene the caus quhilk movit the schoemakers and marikin dressers to send to Denmark and Swaden and wther pairts to bring home ruche skynnes to thame upone great pryces to serve the leidges, quhilk mycht be supplied be the not transporting of the saids buck and gait skynnes quhairby the leidges wald be servit and no mony to pas forth of the countrie for sik comodieties; for remeid quhairoff, his majestie and estaittis of this present parliament statute and ordaines that no merchand, craftisman or wther persoune or persounes carie or transport forth of this realme any of the saids buck or gait skynnes in any tyme cumming, wnder the paine of confiscatioune of the samyn and farder punischment of the persounes contraveners of this present act at the privie counsell thair pleassair. And ordaines thir presents to be ane sufficient warrand for making of ane act in this present parliament givin.

4 Octobris 1639

Red in articles and delyvered to the borrowis.

Eodem die postmeridiem


  1. NAS, PA6/3, 'August 31-October 22 1639'. Back
  2. Title written on the rear of the act. Back
  3. Originally followed by 'his majesties', but subsequently deleted. Back
  4. Written on the rear of the act, with no subsequent clause following on. Back