[Supplication remitted to commission for manufactories; supplication refused; complaint by the Earl of Argyll against Sir Donald Gorme continued]

The lords remittis the supplicatioune above presented by Edward Spencer to the commissione for manufactories efter heiring of the pairties, viz: the supplicant and the cordiners of Edinburgh.

Supplicatione be the towne of Bruntiland, craving the pryces of boitt frauchtis sett downe in ane article formerlie allowed may be augmented in some particulars, red and refuised, and the act ordained to stand.

Anent the complaint presented be the Erle of Argyle against Sir Donald Gorme and others and oftentymes agitate befoir the articles, the parties being present and thair advocattis hard; and Sir Donald being questioned upon certaine interrogatours, the Erle of Argyle desyred ante omnia that the complainers givers in of the complaint against him may be urgit to verifie the same, quhom appointis to answer the morne.

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[Ratification and act to be further considered]

Ratificatione to the towne of Dumbartane of the decreit of dowble poynding gevin be the lords of sessione betuix thame and the towne of Renfrew, delyvered to Patrik Bell for Glasgow to sie, togidder with the decreit of dowble poynding.

Act ratifeing the act of parliament anent mortificationes maid in favours of colleges and hospitallis, delyvered to Jhone Smith to sie for the towne of Edinburgh.

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