[Act ordered to be revived; acts to be taken into further consideration]

Act 1621 anent the expenses of clothis appointed to be revived in all thingis except the fashion of clothis, with this additione: that the one halfe of the fyne be payed to the dilatour, and the other halfe to the king.

Act ordaining that no actin be maid by the borrowis prohibiting the vent of commodities necessar for the lyfe, as ground malt, flowre, meitt, drink and suchlyke, red in articles and continewed till the morne. The act delyvered to Keir.

Act declairing the act 1633 anent the exchekquher nawayis to give power to the lords of eschekquhair to be judgis to the validitie or invaliditie of infeftmentis, red in articles and gevin to the advocat to sie whill the morne.

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