[Supplication continued; two drafts of the same act ordered to be shown to some judges and lawyers; act approved]

Anent the supplicatione presented by [...], Dutchman, craving restitutione of some money takin from him by the searchers in Leyth, the articles ordains the former proceses moved heirupon befor the exchekquher to be looked out and produced before the articles.

The two diverse frames of actis anent the vassallis of small portiones of land ordaned to be shewin to some judges and lawers condiscendit upon by the director of the chancellarie, that they may peruse the same and report their judgement the morne anent the greatest convenience of ather of the saids two actis for the liegis.

Act anent the erectione of the kirk of Carretstone into ane paroche kirk and dismembering the same from Brechin red, voited and past in articles.

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[Restitution of goods to the Laird of Craigie Wallace; supplication and article continued]

Anent the supplicatione presented by the Laird of Craigie Wallace against the towne of Air, craving restitutione of the hous of Newtone and guds takin from him and satisfactione for damnage and interest of his coale and saltpanis, the Laird of Craigie Wallace, present, declared he restricted his supplicatione only for restitutione of the guds receaved upon inventair and for damnage and enteres of the coale and salt and wrangis done sen the pacificatione.

The articles appointis the hous and guids inventared to be redelyvered at the sight of the Erle of Eglintone; and for the remanent heids of the bill, remittis the same to be considered when the common course shall be takin for the guids takin the tyme of the trowbles.

The supplicatione presented by the Erle of Argyle against Sir Donald Gorme and others continewed till the morne.

The article anent the discharge of the patent of armorie continewed till the morne.

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[Business regarding patent for tanning of leather remitted to commission for manufactories; article against monopolies continued]

The Lord Burley maid report of the committe graunted for the article presented by the borrowis against the patent graunted to the Erle of Mar for tanning of lether. The lords of articles remittis this article to the commissione to be graunted for manufacturies, to tak tryell anent the prejudice or benefite redounding to the countrie by the patent, with this declaratione: that incaice the said commissioune shall find the said patent not to be prejudiciall to the countrie, then they may determine the said patent to stand during the yeirs thairin contained and conforme thairto. And incaice they find the same hurtfull or useles, then to find the said patent null. And withall to haif power to determine both the quantitie of satisfactione to be gevin to the Erle of Mar and the maner of exacting the said satisfactione. And declairs that howsoever it shall be thair found by that commissione, that thair shall no other patent be graunted or renewed againe of the said bussines, nor the patent alreadie graunted altered in the spirite or impositione thairinspecifit.

The article presented by the borrowis, desyring ane generall act against monopolies and the purchassers thairof, to be considered when particulars shall be condiscendit upon.

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[Acts ordered to be drawn up]

Anent the article craving that the faire dayis in the north may be keiped by the heritours upon the dayis conteined in thair infeftment, appoints Jhone Smith to produce the act of counsale for the change of St Laurence faire, and to draw up ane act ratificatorie thairof and for inacting of the article.

The article craving that the maister of the coynehous and others receavers of bulyeon be discharged from taking the same befoir hand etc., Johne Smith is appointed to draw up the act to be considered.

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