[Business between the Laird of Frendraught and the Marquis of Huntly; supplication continued; report approved]

The articles, haifing advysed the depositioune of Sir Robert Gordoune, finds the same provis not that pairt of the supplicatione against the marquis and git inrespect of the said depositione finds that Frendraucht was warrandit by informatione from Sir Robert Gordoune to alledge the same. And thairfoir, notwithstanding that the marquis is liberate, yit Frendraucht is also frie of any exceptione quhilk may be tane against him for that pairt of the supplicatione.

The supplicatione by the Erle of Argyle against Sir Donald Gorme gevin up to Maistir Thomas Nicolsone, quhom ordaines to be readie to answer thairto the morne efternoone.

The articles, eftir heiring the report of the mater betuix the Lady Luss and Balvie maid by the Erle of Lauderdaill and Southesk, finds inrespect of the haill merites of the caus and singularitie of the caice and the defenders [...] that the aliment aght presentlie to be modified, to stand untill the defender condiscend and instruct the trew rentall and burthenis of the lands, and modifies 2,000 merks yeirelie, for payment quhairof ordaines the supplicant to haif both personall executione against Balvie and reall against the land.

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