Protestatione anent the libertie of estatis for choosing of the articles made be the Erle of Argyle for the nobilitie

The quhilke day, divyne service being done, in presence of the said Johne, erle of Traquair, his majesties commissioner, and of the esteatis foirsaids conveind in this present parliament, thaireftir the lord commissionars grace and haill noblemen above namit being reteired by themselves into ane inner roume for choosing of the lordis of the articles, the Erle of Argyle protestite that albeit for many reasones at this tyme and tendering thair humble respect to thair gracious soverane, they gave way to the commissionaris for electing the noblemen who are to be upon the articles, yit, that this act doe not introduce ane custome or preparative prejudiciall to thair reight and libertie of ane frie parliament, but that now presentlie at this same parliament thair be ane article presented and ane act mad accordinglie for setling ane perfyte order of electione of the articles in all tyme comeing, quhairby the noblemen by themselffis, the barrones by themselvis and the burrows by themselffis may elect such of thair owne nomber as shall bee upon the articles; and heirwpon asked instrumentis.

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