Procedure: riding and fencing of parliament

The quhilk day, efter the productione of the commissionis for the barrones and frie burrowes, commissioneris to this present parliament, and after that the whole estates of parliament had convoyed his majesties commissionar foirsaid, in most solemne maner of parliament, according to the accustomed maner therof, fra the palace of Halyrudhous to the parliament house in Edinburghe, compeirit personallie the said Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall, advocat to our soverane lord, and produceit in presence of the whole estatis now conveined in parliament the commissione abovementionat wnder his hienes great seall, off the dait at Quhythall, the fyfte day of August, the yeir of God jM vjC threttie nyne yeiris instant, off the tennour abonementionat, as the samene standis produceit the penult day of August instant and insert in the bookis of parliament that day; quhilk commissione sua produceit was publictlie red in oppine parliament in presentes of his hienes commissionar and esteatis of parliament convenit as said is, quhairwpone, and upon the productione therof and fensing of the foirsaid parliament, the said Sir Thomas Hope, advocat, asked instrumentis.

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