Act dissolving four prebendaries frome the paroche kirk of Corstorphine to the colledge kirk thairof

Oure soverane lord, considering that laitlie be the procurement of Sir George Forrester of Corstorphine, knicht, anie great pairt of the teinds of the kirk and parochine of Ratho, quhilk pertenit to the four prebendaries of the kirk of Corstorphine callit Halfe Haltoun, Halfe Dalmahoy, Half Bonytoune and Half Platt, wer unite and annexit to the paroche kirk of Corstorphine, quhairof the said Sir George is patrone; and now as this unioun is prejudiciall to the said kirk of Ratho, and is contrair and repugnant to the commoun course and ordour intendit for plantatione of kirkes, quhairby it is thocht fitt and expedient that ilk minister sall receave competent maintenance out of the teinds of thair awine parochine, quhairof the kirk of Ratho will be frustrat if the said unioun stand, and thairfor his majestie, with consent of the estates, upon the humble petition of the said Sir George Forrester of Corstorphine, knicht, quha was procurer of the said unioun, and with his consent, hes annullit and annulls the unioun of the saidis teinds being within the said parochine of Ratho to the said kirk of Corstorphine, and restores the samyne to the former titles of the saidis prebendaries within the colledge of Corstorphine to the quhilk the samyne appertenit befor, reservand alwayes to the said Sir George Forrester of Corstorphine, knicht, his airs male and assignais, the richt of the patronage of the saidis four prebendaries, quhilks ar declarit to perteine to thame notwithstanding of this act.

  1. NAS, PA2/21, f.140v. Back