Act disuniting the kirkes of Ebdie and Newburgh

Oure soverane lord and thrie estates of this present parliament hes ratifiet and approvine and, be the tennor heirof, ratifies and approves the separatione and disunioun of the kirkes of Ebdie and Newburgh, within the shirefdome of Fyffe, maid be speciall consent of the patrone gentlemen of the parochines, heretors and all uther pairties haveand entreis for the tyme, possest be tua ministers, ratifiet be act of synodall assemblie and act of the lords commissioners for the surranders and teinds alredie, and als the maintenance and provisione of the kirk and parochine of Newburgh convenit and aggreit upon alreadie or to be modifiet heireftir; and ordaines the samyne kirk of Newburgh and parochine thairof to be ane severall kirk and parochin be it selff in all tyme coming seperat from the said kirk of Ebdie.

  1. NAS, PA2/21, f.136r. Back