Act in favour of Sir Arthur Dowglas of Quhittinghame

Oure soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the thrie estates of parliament presentlie convenit, ratifies, approves and confirmes ane contract and appointment, of the dait the tuentie fyft day of Maii, the yeir of God jM vjC threttie tua yeirs, registrat in the buikes of counsall and sessioune upon the tuentie aucht day of the said moneth of Maii and yeir of God forsaid, maid betuix Sir William Hamiltoun of Elistoun, knicht, sone and air servit and retourit to umquhile Sir Glaud Hamiltoun of Schawfield, knicht, his father, one the ane pairt, and Sir Arthur Dowglas of Quhittinghame, knicht, designit thairintill Arthur Dowglas of Quhittinghame, one the uther pairt, be vertew quhairof, and for the causes thairin contenit, the said Sir Williame Hamiltoun, sone and air forsaid, hes sauld, assignit, transferrit and disponit to and in favours of the said Sir Arthur Dowglas, his airs and assignais the assignatione and richt maid be Sir George Hamiltoun of Greinlaw, knicht, to and in favours of the said umquhile Sir Glaud Hamiltoun, father to the said Sir Williame, of the tak and assedatioun of the teinds, personage and viccarage, of Quittinghame, with the pairts, pendicles and pertinents thairof quhatsumever, and the said tak and assedatione assignit to the said umquhile Sir Glaud, be vertew thairof, of the daits, tennoris and contents specifiet in the said contract, togider with all uther richts, takes, assignationes, dispositiones and uthers quhatsumever maid and conceavit in favours of the said Sir Arthur Dowglas and his authors of and concerning the saidis teinds, personage and viccarage, of Quhittinghame, pairts, pendicles and pertinents thairof, in the haill heads, articles, clauses and conditiones of the samyne, willing and declaring that the generalitie heirof sall be nawayes prejudiciall to the said Sir Arthur and his forsaidis, bot the samyne to be als valeid and effectuall to him and his forsaidis as if the haill tenor and clauses thairof wer particularlie heirin ingrossit verbatim. And declairs the samyne richts to be guid, valeid and sufficient to the said Sir Arthur Dowglas and his airs, quhairby they may bruik the saidis teinds in all tyme coming during the tyme and yeirs contenit in the saidis takes and richtes of the saidis teinds.

  1. NAS, PA2/21, f.120r. Back