Procedure: protest; asking of instruments

The same day comperit ane noble lord Johne, lord Balmerinoche, patrone of the paroche kirk of Leith and takisman and titular of the teinds of Restalrig, personage and viccarage thairof, and protestit that the act of ratificatioun grantit in this present parliament in favours of Henrie Nisbett, portioner of Restalrig, of the decreits obtenit be him against the said Lord Balmerinoch befor the lords and uthers of his majesties commissioun for the surranders and teinds, and befor the lords of sessioun anent the valuatione of the teindscheaves of his lands in Restalrige and uthers contenit in the said ratificatioun, sould nowayes be hurtfull nor prejudiciall to the said Johne, lord Balmerinoch, bot that notwithstanding thairof it sall be lauchfull and leasume to sute the benefeit of the acts maid in this present parliament ordaining and allowing any wnjust valuationes to be rectifiet and renewit. Quhilk protestatione his majestie and thrie estates of this present parliament hes admittit and admitts, and thairupon the said Johne, lord Balmerinoch, askit instruments.

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