Commissioun anent Robert Young, printer etc.

Oure soverane lord and estaits of parliament hes remittit and recommendit, and remittes and recommends, the article givin in and produicit in parliament for Robert Young, printer, citiner of London, and his partiners, creaving ratificatioun of ane gift grantit to him and his forsaids to be sole and onlie printers to his majestie within the kingdome of Scotland for the space of tuentie ane yeirs eftir the dait of the gift, quhilk is daitit the tuelt of Apryll, jM vjC threttie tua yeirs. Item, ane petitione givin in be Jonat Kene, relict of umquhile Andro Hart, printer, burges of Edinburgh, desyring that the forsaid gift may be recallit at the least limitated in maner contenit in the said petitione. Item, ane article givin in be Maister Robert Craige as procurator for the kirk desyring that he micht be payit of the fyve hundreth punds assignit to him yeirlie for that service as procurator for the kirk and ministerie thairof out of the reddiest of the annwitie dew to his majestie out of the teinds of the kingdome of Scotland, as the said article at mair lenth proports. Item, ane uther article anent vassells of waird lands and anent the entrie of the meane vassalles of kirklands. Item, ane article givin in in parliament desyring that the bodie of the cathredrall kirk of Orknay be uphaldin and mainteined be some competent meanes to be assignit out of the king's patrimonie for that effect, seing the same was uphaldin be the Erle of Orknay of befor, and that the Bischope of Orknay and his successors be ordanit to uphauld the quiere of the said kirk, as the forsaids articles in thamselffes mair at lenth beirs; to the lordes of his majesties exchecker of the kingdome of Scotland to be advysed, considerit and determinated be thame, to quhome oure said soverane lord and estates of parliament be thir presents grants full power and commissioun to decerne and determine anent the forsaids particular articles and petitioun respective abonewrittine, and desyres thairof according as the saidis lordes of exchecker, eftir tryell and consideratione had and takin be thame thairanent, sall find guid and expedient; and ordaines the determinatione, decreit, statuite and ordinance to be maid, givin and pronuncit be the saidis lords of exchecker anent the particulars abonerehearsit to have the strenth, force and effect of ane sentence and act of parliament in all tyme coming.

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