Procedure: protest; asking of instruments
Protestatione by his majestie anent the coyne

Oure soverane lord, being sitting in his royall persone with his estates in parliament, declaired and protestit that albeit his majestie had at this tyme, for certane occasiones moving his majestie, remitted the consideratione of the mater of coyne and money and uthers of that nature quhilk ar meirlie of his majesties prerogative royall to the lords of his majesties secreit counsall, yett the consenting thairto be his majestie at this tyme sould not be prejudiciall to his majestie and his successors in his and thair prerogative royall, bot that his majestie micht assume the managing and ordering thairof to himselff without consent of the estates as being matters meirlie perteining to his majestie be his prerogative royall, to the quhilk protestatione and declaratione the haill estaits assentit. Quhairupon Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall, his majesties advocate, askit instruments.

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