Warrand for sealing the chartour abonewrittin

Forsameekle as the treatie for a generall associatioun for the fishing, wherein his majestie wes oft tymes present, being now concluded be the commissioners for both kingdomes, and with mutuall consent of both, to his majesteis great contentment and to the evident good of both kingdomes, as by the chartours sent doun by his majestie and drawin up according to the heads mutuallie agreed upon may appeare, wherein his majestie hes had ane royall and speciall care to preserve the dignitie of this his ancient kingdome; and thairfoir the lords of secreit counsell, according to his majesteis warrand and directioun in writt sent unto thame, ordains and commands Sir Johne Scot of Scotstarvet, knight, directour of our soverane lords chancellarie, to pas and exped the saids twa chartours or signatures throw the chancellarie, and ordains George, vicount of Dupline, lord high chanceller of this kingdome, to append his majesteis great seale to the saids twa chartours, putting the great seale of Scotland in the first place of that chartour whilk his majestie hes givin as king of Scotland, England and Ireland, and to append the great seale to the other chartour quhilk his majestie hes givin as king of England, Scotland and Ireland in the secund place; and ordains the said directour of the chancellarie to dait the saids twa chartours of the dait whilks the others chartours for the kingdome of England ar, whilks ar dated at Westminster, the nyneteenth day of July 1632. Anent the doing of the quhilks premises, the extract of this act sall be unto the said lord chanceller and directour of the chancellarie and to either of thame ane warrand.

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