Letter: letter from the privy council to the king

Quhilks twa declaratiouns abonementiouned being read, heard and considderit be the saids lords, they ordained the missive letter underwrittin (conteaning thair answere to his majesteis missive letter direct unto thame) to be written to his majestie, of the quhilk the tennor followes:

The counsells answere to his majestie anent the fishing

Most sacred soverane,

We have beene carefull according to your majesteis directioun to informe our selffes of the places for fishing necessar to be reserved frome the generall associatioun for the use of the natives, and having conferred with the burrowes and suche others of the estaits as wer heere for the tyme and considderit the reasouns propouned be thame concerning the same, we thinke that there is ane necessitie of reservatioun of the Firthes of Lothiane, Murrey and Dumbartane and of fourteene myles distance frome the coast interjected betuix the Ridheid and Buchannesse, and that for the sustentatioun of the numerous inhabitants dwelling upon the said coast and preservatioun of the salmound fishing within the same; and as tueching the loches within the other part of the mayne land and yles, how ever the fishings thairof doe appeare greatumlie to import the trade, yitt the burrowes who ar cheefelie interessed thairin hes beene moved for your majesteis satisfactioun to relinquishe the universalitie of thair former exceptioun and to restrict the same to certane particular fishings, without the whiche (as they affirme) the trade of the countrie will be muche impaired, and have humbelie offered the residue of that whiche is not excepted to be disposed of be your majestie, according as your majestie, after hearing of the commissioners (who ar entrusted with all that may concerne this bussines) sall find fitting to resolve, quhairin we ar confidentlie perswadit that your majestie will proceed with that accustomed tender regarde towards the weele of this your native and ancient kingdome, whiche in the whole course of this bussines yow have ever beene pleased favourablie to expresse. And so with our earnest prayers to God for your majesteis long and happie raigne, we rest etc. Perth, 23 Septembris 1631. Subscribitur: Dupline, Stratherne, Sanct Andrewes, Winton, Linlithgow, Wigtoun, Stirline, Gordoun, Areskine, Patrick, bishop of Rosse, John Isles, Tracquair, advocat, justice clerk.

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