Procedure: report
Ane missive frome the commissioners for the fishing

The whilk day the missive underwrittin directed frome the commissioners for the fishing to the lords of his majesteis privie counsell wes presented to the saids lords and read in thair audience, of the quhilk the tennour followes:

May it please your lordships we have had some meetings with the English commissioners and having demanded all firthes, loches, bayes and yles with some distance frome the land to be reserved for the natives, it is thought too muche except we condescend upon particulars, whairby we may show thame that we intend onelie to reserve so muche, without the whiche the natives cannot subsist and not to hinder this good publict worke. And thairfoir we of our selfes not knowing the names of everie ane of these places doe intreate that your lordships would be pleased to informe your selffes particularlie of thame and to acquaint ws with the same and of your opinioun thairin with diligence. And be assured that as we will be willing to doe all things reasonable that may tend to the advancement of that great and good worke, so we will omitt nothing that doeth concerne the good of our native kingdome, whairwith we ar intrusted as we ar in duetie bound and to be your lordships affectionat and humble servauts. Whitehall, the 25 of Marche 1631. Subscribitur: Morton, Monteth, Roxburgh, Lorne, W Alexander, Maistir Johne Hay, George Fletcher.

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