Procedure: ordinance by the estates
Act anent the mater of the tannages

The estaits, after consideratioun that the mater of tannage had the beginning frome the parliament and wes prosecute and followed out be Johne, lord Areskine, undertaker of that worke, by warrants and directiouns frome the lords of privie counsell, he having brought in a nomber of strangers and haldin them heere a long tyme upon his proper charges and expenses for instructing the countrie people in the right forme of tanning; and whereas now the patent grantit to the said lord hes beene compleanned upon as ane greevance to the estaits and as ane burdein whilk the tanners ar not able to underly, thairfoir the saids estaits ordanis lettres to be direct charging the shireffs of the shyres and the provests and bailleis within burgh, everie ane of thame within thair awin bounds, to conveene before thame all the tanners and merchants importers of forraine ledder, and to deale and travell with thame what satisactioun they will give to the said Lord Areskine in acknowledgement of his paines and charges in that service, and to report to the lords of privie counsell what everie shyre or burgh will doe thairin upon the first counsell day of November nixtocome.

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