Procedure: commission
Nomination of commissioners for the lawes

The whilk day the commissioners for the barons nominat the Lords Cranstounriddill, Balcolmie, Balmanno, Newabbey, Foderance and Innerpeffer, Lairds of Wauchtoun, Colintoun, Kelburne, Caprintoun, Din, constable of Dundie, Sir Robert Gordoun, Sir Johne Hamiltoune of Lettrick, the shireff of Tiviotdaill, the Lairds of Thornetoun, Lee, Pittodrie, Kemnay and Johne Gordoun of Buckie to be adjoined to the commissioun for surveying of the lawes.

The whilk day the burrowes nominat Alexander Clerk, Maister James Cockeburne, Maister Alexander Guthrie, Johne McKeson and Johne Cowane to be adjoynned to the said commissioun.

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