Procedure: renewal of commission
Nomination of new commissioners anent the treatie of the fishing

The estaits ordanis the first commissioun made be thame anent the treatie of the commoun fishing to be renewed to the commissioners thairin mentiouned, and ordanis thame to attend upon his majesteis counsell and to give thair first appearance upon the first counsell day of November for that earand. The commissioners underwrittin, they ar to say: the Erles of Rothes, Buchan and Carrick, the Lords Gray, Rosse, Lowdoun and Balmerinoch, the Bishops of Murrey and the Yles, Sir Robert Gordoun, the Lairds of Thornetoun, Aldbar, Din, Glennegeis, Ley, younger, Pittodrie, Kelburne, Johne Areskine of Balgownie, Alexander Clerk, James Guthrie, Thomas Halyburton, Paul Menzeis, Johne Cowane, Maister Johne Hay, Maister Alexander Guthrie, Gabriel Cuninghame, James Watsone and Robert Alexander, being personallie present, ar warned apud acta; and ordanis missives to be writtin to the remanent commissioners willing thame to keepe the dyet foresaid preciselie.

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