Eodem die post meridiem


Sederunt: the committee for the fishing.

  1. NAS, PC1/34, f.16v. Back
Procedure: commission
Commissioun for treatting upon the articles for the fishing

The whilk day, ane new commissioun wes past to the Erles of Rothes, Buchane, Kingorne and Carrick, the Vicount of Dumlanrig, the Lords Ros, Balmerinoch and Lowdoun, the Lairds of Wauchtoun, Caprinton, Cranstoun, Din, Sir Robert Gordoun, Aldbar, Blair, Thornetoun, Lee, younger, Rickartoun, Pittodrie and to the Bishops of Aberdein, Murrey, Brechin, Dunkelden, Dumblane, Argyle and Caithnes to conveene and meit with the burrowes upon Thurisday nixt at eight of the clocke in the forenoone and to confer and reasoun upon the articles and instructiouns sent down be his majestie concerning the fishing and to report thair opiniouns and judgment thereanent to the conventioun upon Saturday nixt.

  1. NAS, PC1/34, f.16v. Back