Procedure: commission
Commission anent the articles for the fishing

The estaits nominats and appoints and thairwithall gives commissioun and warrand to the Erles of Rothes, Wintoun, Kingorne and Carrick, the Vicount of Dumlanrig, the Lords Rosse, Lowdoun, Burlie and Wemes, Sir Robert Gordoun, knight barounet, the Lairds of Din, Aldbar, Lee, younger, Richartoun, Reresse, Thorneton, Westnisbit and Johne Areskine of Balgownie, togidder with suche of the burrowes as sall be directed to that effect, to conveene and meit the morne at sevin of the clocke in the morning and to confer and reasoun upon the patent grantit to the Erle of Linlithgow for making of powder and to consider of the best and most effectuall meanes how the said patent may receave executioun.

  1. NAS, PC1/34, f.16r. Back
  2. Sic. This is a clerical error as the entry concerns the Earl of Linlithgow's patent for the making of powder. Back