Anent the frequent repair to court

Anent the greevance givin in be the commissioners of the shyres tuicheing the frequent repaire of the subjects to court, to the undoing of the kingdome, and who by sinistrous informatiouns to his majestie desyres the course of justice to be inverted in the ordinarie courts and judicatoreis of the kingdome, the estaits having heard and considderit the greevance, they agree that his majestie sall be petitiouned to remitt all suche parteis who sall importune his majestie in this kynde to thair ordinarie judges at home to the intent justice may be indifferentlie ministrat to both parteis, whairin if anie partie sall have just cause to compleane of delay or want of justice that than his majestie may take suche course thairanent as in his excellent judgement he sall find fitting.

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