Procedure: ratification
Ratification of the order of knight barounets

The estats presentlie conveenned, all in one voice, ratifeis, allowes, approves and confirmes the dignitie and order of knight barounets erected be his majestie and his lait deere father of blessed memorie, and conferred by thame upon sindrie gentlemen of good qualitie for thair better encouragement and retributioun of thair undertakings in the plantatioun of Newscotland, with all the acts of secreit counsell and proclamatiouns following thairupon made for mainteaning of the said dignitie, place and precedence thairof; and ordains the same dignitie, place and precedence dew thairto to continew and stand in force in all tyme comming and that intimatioun be made heirof to all his majesteis lieges be opin proclamatioun at the mercat croce of Edinburgh and others places neidfull.

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