Parliamentary Register

Apud Edinburgum, primo Junii 1630

Procedure: continuation of parliament

This day the commissionaris of parliament underwrittin, viz: George, vicount of Dupline, chancellor of Scotland, Thomas, erle of Hadingtoune, lord privie seill, George, erle of Wintoune, Alexander, erle of Lynlythgow, Schir Archbald Achesone of Clancairne, his hienes secretar, Schir Johnne Hammiltoune of Magdalenis, clerk of registere, and Schir Thomas Hope of Craighall, knicht barronet, advocat to oure soverane lord, haveing convenit as upone the day to the quhilk the foresaid parliament wes formarlie continowit, the saidis commissionaris causit fens the said parliament and call the suttis thairof. Whairupone the said Schir Thomas Hope, advocat to oure soverane lord, produceit his majesteis lettre for continowing of the said parliament whill the thrid day of August nixt 1630, beirand date frome his hienes court at Whythall the tent day of Marche 1630 yeiris, quhilk lettre being publictlie red efter fensing of the said parliament.

The saidis commissionaris abonenameit for obedience thairof hes continowit and continowis this present parliament in the same forme, force and effect etc., with all summondis, actiounes, causis and utheris materis belonging thairto, whill the thrid day of August nixt 1630 yeiris instant, with continowatioun of dayis, to be holdine then at Edinburghe or whair it sall happine his majestie and his hienes privie counsale to direct be thair lettres be oppen proclamatioune; and ordanes all the estaittis of parliament and utheris his hienes leiges then to attend thairupone under the panes contenit in the actis of parliament of this realme.

Wpone the fensing of the quhilk parliament, continowatioun thairof foresaid and haill premisis abonewrittin, the said Schir Thomas Hope, advocat to oure soverane lord, for his hienes entres, askit instrumentis.

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