Anent the intendit alteratioun in the sessioun

Anent the supplicatioun gevin in be the small barronis to the estaittis presentlie convenit proporting that thay wer informed that his majestie intendit to mak some alteratioun in the sessioun whiche wes a soverane and heigh court, whairof the fundatioun wes with grite wisdome and judgement built by his majesties grite grandfather of happie memorie with the consent of the estaittis of parliament, and that the auctoritie of this court hes bene sensyne illustratt with mony priveledgeis flowing from succeiding princes, and speciallie from his majesties darrest father of blissed memorie, and thairfore desyreing that the estaittis wald joyne with thame in thair humble petitioun to his majestie that his majestie wald be pleasit not to mak ony alteratioun thairof without the advise of the estaittis of this kingdome. Thair petitioun being hard and some objectionis maid aganis the same that as his majestie wes a just and upright prince who soght nothing bot the goode and weele of his people, so thair wes no subject that with reasone could suspect or mistruste the sinceritie of his majesties proceidingis outher in that or ony other thing els, yitt thay continewit verie instant to haif the voices of the estaittis thairupoun. Whilk being grantit and thair voitis tane, thay all agreed to joyne with the barronis in thair petitioun that his majestie sould be humblie intreated that if he intendit ony alteratioun in the sessioun from that whilk wes established in parliament, that his majestie wald be graciouslie pleasit to follow oute the same be the advise of the estaittis of this kingdome in parliament.

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