Anent the custome of coale

That seing the verie veshellis appoyntit onlie for cariage of coales affoordit ws plentie of serviceable shippis at the last setting oute of oure navie, and sieing thair is no small occasioun of haveing the like in that kingdome whairin thair is suche plentie of coale if oure subjectis had the onlie trafficque thairof and to prevent that hencefurth that kingdome be not prejudged as hitherto it hathe bene by haveing that commoditie onlie transported be strangearis, it is oure speciall pleasure that by act of conventioun the custome of fourtie eight shillingis Scottis be imposed on everie twne of coales transported in stranger bottomes at ony tyme heirafter, whiche is far les than thay pay heir in Englaind. Neither will we ony longer suffer that shamefull abuse whairby for the filthie gain of a few the whole kingdome is wronged and strangearis preferred to oure naturall subjectis.

  1. NAS, PC1/31, f.70v. Back