[Recommendations to queen and the treasury; ratifications read and approved; protest against]

Prayers said.

Rolls called.

Minutes of the last sederunt read.

James Cunningham of Auchinharvie, younger, was upon his petition recommended to her majesty in the terms of the deliverance thereon.

The lord president and other lords of council and session recommended in a special manner to her majesty for the augmentation of their salaries, according to a recommendation apart.

The macers' and clerks' servants and keepers and servants of the house recommended to the lords of her majesty's treasury for a gratification for their attendance and service this session of parliament, according to deliverances on their respective petitions.

James Steven, usher, likewise recommended to the lords of treasury upon a petition, according to a deliverance thereon.

William Bain upon a petition recommended to her majesty, according to the deliverance on the said petition.

Acts of ratification in favour of several persons read and passed.

Protestation taken in favour of [James Douglas], duke of Hamilton against one of the above ratifications in favour of [Archibald Douglas], duke of Douglas in so far as concerns his first vote in parliament and other precedencies therein mentioned.

As also several warrants for fairs etc. read and granted.

Ordered that the fairs granted this session of parliament, if not extracted within six months, shall be void and null.

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[Recommendations to queen and the treasury; acts given royal assent]

It being moved to recommend Mr [...] Paterson to her majesty for his good service, after some reasoning thereon, it was put to the vote recommend him to her majesty or not, and it carried recommend.

Alexander Baillie, servant to the lord register, recommended to the lords of treasury on a petition, according to deliverance thereon.

The following acts, namely: act in favour of the incorporations of Edinburgh for a maiden hospital; act in favour of the town of Dundee; act in favour of the town of Aberdeen; act in favour of [James Douglas], duke of Hamilton and town of Bo'ness; act in favour of the burgh of Kirkcaldy; act renouncing the reversion of kirklands; act in favour of the burgh of Kinghorn; act for clearing the passage through the Mary Wynd in the burgh of Stirling; act in favour of [James Livingstone], earl of Linlithgow and Callander; act in favour of [Cicilia Wedderburn], lady Littlegill and her son; act of naturalization of John Henry Huguetan; act for naturalization of several foreigners; act for preserving the game; act in favour of [David Erskine], earl of Buchan; act of dissolution of the mines and minerals belonging to his grace [James Douglas], duke of Queensberry; act for burying in woollen; act in favour of the maiden hospital founded by the company of merchants and Mary Erskine; act concerning the payment of the sums out of the equivalent to the African Company; and act concerning the public debts, were all touched with the royal sceptre by her majesty's high commissioner in the usual manner.

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[Lord commissioner's speech; parliament adjourned]

Then his grace her majesty's high commissioner made the following speech:

My lords and gentlemen,

The public business of this session being now over, it is full time to put an end to it.

I am persuaded that we and our posterity will reap the benefit of the union of the two kingdoms, and I doubt not that, as this parliament has had the honour to conclude it, you will in your several stations recommend to the people of this nation a grateful sense of her majesty's goodness and great care for the welfare of her subjects in bringing this important affair to perfection, and that you will promote a universal desire in this kingdom to become one in hearts and affections as we are inseparably joined in interest with our neighbouring nation.

My lords and gentlemen,

I have a very deep sense of the assistance and respect I have met with from you in this session of parliament, and I shall omit no occasion of showing to the utmost of my power the grateful remembrance I have of it.

Then the lord chancellor, by order of her majesty's high commissioner, adjourned the parliament to meet at Edinburgh, 22 April next, and declared the same to be adjourned.

[James Ogilvy, earl of] Seafield, chancellor, in the presence of the lords of parliament

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