Friday 21 March 1707

[Representation granted; warrant granted; report and overture read and ordered to be printed]

Prayers said.

Rolls called.

Minutes of the last sederunt read.

Upon a representation by the directors of the African Company that since the committee's report anent the debts of the said company and act of parliament thereupon there appears some small claims against the directors upon the company's account, the parliament did recommend to the commissioners for the equivalent to pay such further sums as shall be duly instructed by the directors on the company's account, not exceeding the sum of £150 sterling.

Warrant granted to cite the physicians of the royal college of Edinburgh in common form upon a petition given in by the surgeon apothecaries.

Report of the committee anent the public debts read.

And an overture for an act concerning public debts also read, and a first reading ordered to be marked thereon, and ordered to be printed before a second reading.

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[Petition granted; petition remitted to the treasury; petition delayed]

Petition for James Hamilton of Gilkerscleugh in relation to his serving heir to his predecessors with the benefit of inventory read, and, after some discourse thereon, the vote was put grant the desire of the petition or not, and it carried grant in the terms of the deliverance thereon.

Petition for [Grissel Primrose], lady Sempill in relation to Brigadier Cunningham's accounts while he was in the service read and remitted to the lords of the treasury, according to a deliverance thereon.

Petition for the ladies Caldwell, elder and younger, and John Muir of Caldwell read, and the consideration thereof delayed until the next sederunt of parliament.

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[Ratifications approved and protests against; continuation]

Acts of ratification in favour of several persons read and passed, and protestations taken against some of the said acts.

Then the lord chancellor, by order of her majesty's high commissioner, adjourned the parliament until Monday next at 10 o'clock.

[James Ogilvy, earl of] Seafield, chancellor, in the presence of the lords of parliament

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