[Report approved; petitions granted; overtures read]

Prayers said.

Rolls called.

Minutes of the last sederunt read.

Report of the committee concerning Mr James Anderson read and approved.

Petition for [George Melville], earl of Melville, in relation to a preference for some debts due to his lordship by the officers of the army out of the first of the sums due and payable to them by the government, read and the desire thereof granted.

Representation for the six clerks of session for a remuneration for their extraordinary pains and attendance in this and former sessions of parliament read, and the desire thereof granted according to the deliverance on the representation.

Thereafter the following overtures for acts were given in and read, namely: act renouncing the reversion of kirklands, act in favour of the inhabitants of the shire of Caithness, act in favour of [James Livingstone], earl of Linlithgow and Callander, act for preserving the game, act in favour of [Cicilia Wedderburn], lady Littlegill and her son, and act in favour of [George MacKenzie], earl of Cromarty, and a first reading ordered to be marked on each of the said acts.

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[Overture laid open; order of business; act read and delayed]

Overture for an act anent enclosing of ground read, and, after reasoning, it was put to the vote mark a first reading thereon or order it to lie upon the table, and it carried to lie upon the table.

Moved to proceed to the act for plantation of kirks etc., and also moved to proceed to the act for additional premiums on exportation of victual.

And, after reasoning thereon, it was agreed to proceed first to the act for plantation of kirks etc, and, after the same is finished, to proceed immediately thereafter to the act for additional premiums.

Then the act for plantation of kirks etc. was read, and, after some reasoning thereon, the further debate was adjourned until the next sederunt of parliament.

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[Order of business; act given royal assent; continuation]

Agreed that the parliament will next sederunt of parliament proceed to elect the representatives for Scotland to the first parliament of Great Britain, and it was intimated to the members to prepare for the said election against that time, and agreed that the parliament will thereafter proceed to the act for plantation of kirks etc. prior to all other business after the election, and then to the act anent drawbacks on victual.

The second sederunt of parliament next week appointed for private business.

Thereafter the act of dissolution of the lands of Orkney and Shetland from the crown in favour of [James Douglas], earl of Morton was touched with the royal sceptre by her majesty's high commissioner in the usual manner.

Then the lord chancellor, by order of her majesty's high commissioner, adjourned the parliament until tomorrow at 10 o'clock.

[James Ogilvy, earl of] Seafield, chancellor, in the presence of the lords of parliament

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