Procedure: those adhering to protest

And [James Douglas], duke of Hamilton, [John Murray], duke of Atholl, the earls [Charles Hay, earl of] Erroll, [William Keith, earl] Marischal, [David Erskine, earl of] Buchan, [Alexander Montgomery, earl of] Eglinton, [John Fleming, earl of] Wigtown, [James Stewart, earl of] Galloway and [Charles Hamilton Douglas, earl of] Selkirk, the viscounts [David Murray, viscount] of Stormont and [William Livingston, viscount of] Kilsyth, the lords [Francis Sempill, lord] Sempill, [Patrick Oliphant, lord] Oliphant, [Walter Stewart, lord] Blantyre, [William Hamilton, lord] Bargany and [Patrick Kinnaird, lord] Kinnaird, George Lockhart of Carnwath, Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun, Mr William Cochrane of Kilmaronock, Sir Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss, Robert Rollo of Powhouse, John Murray of Strowan, Mr James Carnegie of Finavon, David Graham, younger of Fintry, Alexander MacKie of Palgowan, Alexander Edgar, Alexander Duff [of Drummuir], Francis Mollison, Archibald Shiells, Mr John Lyon, Mr John Carruthers [of Denbie], George Home and Mr Robert Fraser, adhered thereto.

And after some further debate it was agreed that none of the above protests be inserted at length in the minutes or printed, but that they be all recorded and inserted in the records of parliament.

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