Judicial Proceeding: Alexander Campbell against Sir William Menzies

Petition for Alexander Campbell of Finnab craving that he may not be prejudged of the £2,400 allowed him last session of parliament by any preference granted this session, and that he may have the same execution against Sir William and his cautioners as is craved in the former petition; and the same likewise remitted to the lords of treasury to assign to the petitioner Sir William Menzies [of Gladstains's] tack, with all action that may be competent thereon for the said £2,400, in manner at length following.

Recommendation or decreet Alexander Campbell of Finnab against Sir William Menzies

Her majesty's high commissioner and the estates of parliament, having heard the petition of Colonel Alexander Campbell of Finnab, humbly showing to them that last session of parliament Sir William Menzies was appointed to pay the petitioner £200 sterling out of the first and readiest of the £5,000 sterling which he was discerned in as a part of the tack duty due by him out of the inland excise for which, upon the petitioner's application to the committee of parliament, he obtained also their decreet discerning Sir William to pay to him the said sum, which has hitherto proven ineffectual, because such diligence by quartering etc. and otherwise was not then discerned to pass against his cautioners as against himself. And therefore, craving his grace and the honourable estates to grant the petitioner such a deliverance on his said petition for his payment in the first place as is ordained in favour of [John Lindsay], earl of Crawford for his payment of what is discerned to him out of the said fund against the said Sir William and his cautioners, and to ordain such diligence to the petitioner as is granted to him by the deliverance on his petition presented by him this day for payment of the foresaid sum due to him, as the said petition bears. And her majesty's high commissioner and the said estates of parliament, having this day fully considered the foresaid petition and being therewith well and ripely advised, they recommended and hereby recommend to the lords of treasury to assign to the petitioner the tack duty and tack itself against Sir William Menzies and others thereby bound for payment of his debt above-mentioned, with quartering and all other diligence competent to the treasury for making the same effectual.

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