Prayers said. Rolls called.

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Procedure: minutes read

Minutes of the last sederunt read.

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Procedure: disputed election

The controverted election of the stewartry of Kirkcudbright between [Alexander MacKie of] Palgowan and [Patrick Murdoch of] Cumloden called, and their procurators being heard upon the objections against the legality of the meeting, after some debate thereupon, it was put to the vote, sustain the objections founded upon the want of a due intimation to the barons and freeholders of the stewartry or reject, and carried reject, and having proceeded to the other objections the same were rejected without a vote.

Ordered that parties' procurators should insist to discuss the mutual objections against either parties' electors.

Moved that they should yet have a diet appointed to them for discussing these objections, and accordingly the 26th instant was appointed for hearing them and diligence, with consent, granted to both parties for recovering all writs which shall be necessary in discussing the said competition.

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