Procedure: commission to Sir James Murray of Philiphaugh

Her majesty's gift and commission in favour of Sir James Murray of Philiphaugh to be lord clerk register, read and ordered to be recorded, whereof the tenor follows.

Commission and gift of the office of clerk register to Sir James Murray of Philiphaugh

Anne, by the grace of God, queen of Great Britain, France and Ireland, and defender of the faith, to all honest men to whom our present letters shall have come, greetings. In as much as we are abundantly satisfied of the loyalty and brilliant talents, as well as the genuine probity of our most loyal and well-beloved Sir James Murray of Philiphaugh, and especially that he is in every way fitted to exercise the appointment and office of clerk of our registers and rolls in our said kingdom; know therefore that we have named, constituted and appointed, and by the tenor of this commission do name, constitute and appoint the said Sir James Murray, during the time of our pleasure only, clerk of our registers and rolls of our council, session and treasury, and of all commissions, parliaments and meetings of the estates in our said kingdom, by giving and granting him this same appointment and office during the foresaid period, with every honour, dignity, liberty, profit, immunity, privilege and casual profit whatsoever relating thereto or which shall be recognised by the right and practice of our said kingdom as relating thereto; with full and absolute power and authority during our pleasure as aforesaid, to choose and constitute one or more substitute clerks or deputes in the said offices or any part thereof for the lifetime of such substitutes, who shall exercise their offices with all the emoluments of the same during all the days of their life respectively. Finally, we ordain and give him authority to do and fulfil each and every thing relating to the said office by the law and practice of this our kingdom, or done by anyone else in the said office in earlier times. In witness whereof, we have ordered that our great seal be appended to this commission. At our palace of St James's, 7 April in the year of our Lord 1705, and in the fourth year of our reign. Signed by the hand manual of our supreme lady the queen.

Written to the great seal and registered 25 April 1705. Signed thus: Charles Kerr.

Sealed at Edinburgh, 25 April 1705. Signed: Alexander Ogilvie.

Thereafter the lord high chancellor administered the oath of allegiance to him the said Sir James Murray who swore, and subscribed the same with the assurance and took the oath of parliament.

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