[Petition of Mr Patrick Ogilvy]

To his grace John [Hay], marquis of Tweeddale, her majesty's high commissioner, and the right honourable the estates of parliament, the humble petition of Mr Patrick Ogilvy, son to [James Ogilvy], earl of Findlater,


That your grace's and lords' petitioner has since 24 September last served upon the west coast for hindering the importing of Irish meal, horse and cattle, and has faithfully answered his trust in the said office with tolerable good success, as many of your lords' number who live on that coast can testify. But the party given to your petitioner being only a detachment, and most of them foot, your petitioner has been put to great trouble, charges and expenses through the party being several times recalled and changed by the general's order, and sometimes I wanted a party a month or six weeks at a time, and the foot not being able to march so hard as was necessary for following either the boats themselves or those who were carrying away the prohibited goods, whereby many cargoes have escaped which otherwise might have been seized.

May it therefore please your grace and lords to grant me an independent troop of dragoons consisting of 60 sentinels at least, and allow me to choose such officers as may be fittest to serve under me in that post, and to allow me such a salary for defraying my extraordinary charges and procuring intelligence as your grace and lords shall think fit.

Patrick Ogilvy

Edinburgh, 21 July 1704

Her majesty's high commissioner and the estates of parliament, having heard the within petition, they declare they will take the same to consideration before the cess act be finished.

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