Prayers said. Rolls called.

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Procedure: minutes read; draft act read and continued

Minutes of the last sederunt read.

Act of dissolution from the crown of the feu duties of Bute, and others therein mentioned, in favour of James [Graham], marquis of Montrose, read, and [James Stewart], earl of Bute, craving to be heard for his interest, ordered that a first reading be marked on the act and her majesty's advocate and the earl of Bute's procurators appointed to be heard before a second reading.

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Procedure: motion concerning illegal levying

Moved that an order for levying money in the parish of Cramond may be censured as illegal and an attested duplicate thereof, being read, after debate thereon, the further consideration thereof delayed to the next diet of parliament, and the subscriber of the order and commander of the party and others concerned ordered to be cited.

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