Act adjourning the summer session to 1 November next, read for the second time and voted and approved, and then touched with the sceptre by her majesty's commissioner in the usual manner, of which act the tenor follows.

Act adjourning the session

Our sovereign lady, with advice and consent of the estates of parliament, adjourns the session to 1 November next and declares all actions depending before the lords of session to be continued to the said day, and her majesty, with consent foresaid, dispenses in the meantime with the sitting of the court of justiciary and all inferior courts as if the parliament were not sitting, and further declares that the time and space between the date hereof and 1 November next shall not be reckoned in any annual prescriptions, and ordains these words to be published at the market cross of Edinburgh and to be forthwith printed, that the lieges may be certified thereof.

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