Charter: patent in favour of the earl of Bute

Patent creating Sir James Stewart of Bute earl of Bute, read and ordered to be recorded, whereof the tenor follows.

The earl of Bute's patent

Anne, by the grace of God, queen of Great Britain, France and Ireland, and defender of the faith, to all honest men to whom our present letters shall have come, greetings. In as much as we, considering the very many outstanding services performed and expended by our most loyal and well-beloved councillor Sir James Stewart of Bute, and remembering the continual good faith, steadfast adherence, and brilliant services done and fulfilled for us and our royal predecessors by the ancient family of the Stewarts of Bute, (whom he now represents in his own person); therefore for these and various other reasons and considerations, we have decided of our kindness to confer upon and grant this same Sir James Stewart and his heirs hereinafter written a notable and lasting mark of our royal favour, whereby he and they may be the more roused and inspired to undertake and fulfil appointments of greater importance for us and our royal successors on every occasions. Know therefore that we have made, constituted and created, and by these our letters patent do make, constitute and create the said Sir James Stewart earl, viscount and free lord of parliament of our said kingdom, to be entitled and designated for all future time earl of Bute, viscount of Kingarth and lord Mount Stuart, Cumra and Inchmarnock, by giving, granting and conferring upon the forenamed Sir James Stewart and his male heirs whomsoever the title, honour, place, rank and dignity of earl, viscount and free lord of parliament, as has been said, with full power and authority to him and his foresaid heirs to possess and enjoy the same with each and every prerogative, precedence, pre-eminence and privilege pertaining thereto. We ennoble and invest this same Sir James Stewart and his foresaid heirs with these, and especially with free suffrage in parliament. This same Sir James Stewart and his foresaid heirs are to hold the said title, honour, place, dignity and rank of earl, viscount and free lord of parliament with every prerogative, pre-eminence and privilege relating thereto from us and our royal successors in all parliaments, meetings of the estates, general councils and other assemblies whatsoever, public or private, in our said kingdom, as fully and freely in every respect as any other earl, viscount and free lord of parliament of like title, honour and dignity with all the privileges and anything else pertaining thereto has used and enjoyed, or will be able to use and enjoy at any time past, present or future. Moreover, we command the lyon king of arms and the brethren of his court to give and prescribe for the foresaid Sir James Stewart, now earl of Bute, such additions to his former coat of arms as shall seem to be appropriate and fitting on this occasion; and we declare and ordain that these our letters patent furnished with our great seal shall be as valid and effective for the said Sir James Stewart and his foresaid heirs to possess the foresaid title, honour, and dignity as if he and his foresaid heirs had been invested and inaugurated with all the rites and solemnities used on such occasions in earlier times. We have granted, and by this patent do grant a dispensation therefrom in perpetuity. In witness whereof, we have ordered that our great seal be appended to this patent. At our palace of St James's, 14 April in the year of our Lord 1703, and in the second year of our reign. Signed by the hand manual of our supreme lady the queen.

Written to the great seal and registered 30 September 1703. Signed thus: Charles Kerr. Sealed at Edinburgh, 30 September 1703, by special order until the seal is renewed. Signed: Alexander Ogilvie.

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