Prayers said. The rolls called.

  1. NAS. PA2/38, f.143-143v. Back
Procedure: minutes read; acts receiving royal assent

The minutes of the last sederunt read.

The following acts received the royal assent, namely act for securing the true Protestant religion and presbyterian government; act ratifying the turning the meeting of the estates into a parliament; act anent leasing makers and slanderers; act for proving the tenor in favour of Anna Cockburn; act anent peace and war; act anent the public accounts, act anent butchers; act in favour of the Company Trading to Africa and the Indies; act discharging the importation of Irish victual; act continuing the prohibition of exporting English and Irish wool until the next session of parliament inclusive; act in favour of William Montgomery and George Lind for a manufactory of china, porcelain and earthenware and act allowing the importation of wines and other foreign liquors, which several acts are as follows.

  1. NAS. PA2/38, f.143-143v. Back