Prayers said. The rolls called.

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Procedure: minutes read; oaths taken; order of business

The minutes of the last sederunt read.

[Alexander Forbes], lord [Forbes of] Pitsligo took the oath of allegiance and oath of parliament and subscribed the allegiance and assurance.

It being moved that the draft of the act offered 9 September by [Andrew Fletcher], laird of Saltoun, for limitations on the successor to the crown failing heirs of her majesty's body, might be considered, it was proposed that the parliament might, conforming to their vote on 25th past, proceed upon further overtures for trade and thereupon, the vote being asked whether the parliament should proceed on the said act for limitations or upon the overtures for trade, it carried that they should proceed on the overtures for trade.

  1. NAS. PA2/38, f.141. Back