Procedure: speech

Then her majesty's high commissioner made a speech to the parliament in manner following.

The commissioner's speech

My lords and gentlemen,

It was with great uneasiness to me that I was forced to be silent yesterday when so many did appear earnest that I should speak. I have all the inclination in the world to give you full satisfaction, but I thought that I ought not to be pressed to give the royal assent or to declare my instructions in parliament which I had made known to many noble and worthy members besides the queen's servants.

Now that these instances are let fall and that you have proceeded to other business, to testify how willing I am to give you contentment in anything that's in my power, I tell you freely that I have received her majesty's pleasure and am fully empowered to give the royal assent to all the acts voted in this session excepting only that act entitled act for security of the kingdom. You may easily believe that requires her majesty's further consideration. At the same time her majesty expects that you will mind your own safety in making necessary provisions for the troops upon the present establishment and that you will put the trade and customs on that foot that the civil list may be supported; and I entreat your lordships to finish these as quickly as possible that this session may be put to a speedy and happy conclusion.

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