Procedure: permission to plead
Allowance for [Sir James Stewart of Goodtrees], lord advocate, Sir Gilbert Elliott [of Headshaw] and Sir David Cunningham [of Milncraig] to plead for [John Kerr of] Morriston against Sir James Cockburn [of that ilk]

Moved that the petition of the laird of Morriston be granted desiring that her majesty's advocate, Sir Gilbert Elliott and Sir David Cunningham, albeit members of parliament, may be allowed to plead his cause against Sir James Cockburn, and these advocates allowed to plead for him accordingly.

  1. NAS. PA2/38, f.83. Back
Petition: read and continued

Petition for Anna Cockburn for making up the tenor of burnt writs, read and agreed that the report of her cause be received and considered the first sederunt of parliament for private business.

  1. NAS. PA2/38, f.83. Back